1 brand tutorial: Calvin Klein ♡ Soft Bronze



CK one 3-in-1 face make-up spf 8 – fair
CK one 3-in-1 concealer – 2
CK one bronzer – 100 softly glowing
CK one blush – 700 happiness
CK one pressed powder spf 15 – 200 fair
CK one brow pencil & gel duo – 400 crafty raven
CK one skin illuminator – 100 cool
CK one eyeshadow base – 100 simple
CK one eyeshadow – 710 ambitious
CK one eyeshadow – 200 obsessed
CK one double-ended eyeliner – 500 rapture/reckless
CK one mascara – 800 show
CK one soft defining lip pencil – 210 lovely
CK one lipstick – 220 tease

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filmed and edited by me

camera: Canon 600D
editing: adobe premiere pro CC 7.2.2
music by Free Music Archive | Lasers – Amsterdam

Φιλιά, Βάνα

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